Search to Host Plans and Coaching by MTB PhD

One of the new plans that has been super popular!

Coaching is my passion and my job, but working with athletes one-on-one is super time-consuming. Due to the time-constraints and the importance of the coach-athlete relationship, I have to strictly limit the number of athletes I work with at any one time. And of course, this limits my income. To ensure that I could continue coaching and ensure my athletes got the value they deserved, I had to open up the possibilities for coaching.

One way to open up the possibilities is to offer training plans to riders. For training plans, I can build them and tweak them over the years, but it doesn’t take me more time to guide the athlete through the training process–it is set up to be self-sufficient. This is good for me because I can do the work in small chunks over the years and the rider can simply get what they need at the time they need it. And the athletes that buy training plans are different kinds of athletes than the ones who need one-on-one coaching.

I started selling training plans for TrainingPeaks about 5 years ago, but they take an absolutely horrendous royalty at 30% (after tax). That’s right, 30% of every training plan sold goes directly to TrainingPeaks! I can understand the financials of it in a way, but it’s not sustainable for a coach to pay TrainingPeaks a subscription every month and pay hefty royalties on their own IP [also don’t forget that athletes pay for a TrainingPeaks subscription]. Yes, it is great software, but the coach is getting the short end of the deal FOR SURE.

So what I set out to do is control my own content/trainingplans, build a new brand, and offer an amazing value to all my riders at every level.


For Smart MTB Training, athletes sign up to the brand itself; there is no double payment and no middle man between the rider and myself. I pay a standard monthly fee for the hosting by the software company, etc., but that is all done on my end –not yours! Over the last 9 months I’ve been migrating all my TrainingPeaks content to the new site, and riders can get the SAME training plans they can get on TrainingPeaks on my own website!

The website even has its own app! You can sync directly to Strava so your rides upload automatically -PLUS- you have the option to just download and print your plan and take it with you!

Smart MTB Training has an app or can be used on desktop

So now that I have more control, I’ve been making workout videos, building new plans and tweaking old plans.

And really the best part is that I can offer ALL the content to the athlete at a lower price. Since everything is still being built, riders can become members of Smart MTB Training and get everything (all plans, the app, drag-and-drop of workouts, videos, smart trainer workouts, etc.) for the pre-launch price of only $99/year.

That’s right, riders get every training plan and all the functionality for less than the price of a 12 week plan on TrainingPeaks!

This is a huge deal!

Custom Plans an an even easier option on Smart MTB Training. These can be built in the site itself or for you on TrainingPeaks (yup, still use TrainingPeaks too!)

Also, Smart MTB Training offers a highly professional way for me to organize payment for one-on-one coaching services such as Elite Coaching, Exclusive Coaching or Custom Plans because, well, this is my job. That’s right, gone are the sleazy days of PayPal transfers!

The plan is to continue to grow the brand and offer members even more, so I’m not sure how much longer I can keep the pre-launch price. Thanks to the collaboration of others to build the platform, I can also see huge possibilities to bring other coaches on-board. The sky is the limit and I am excited to help more riders!

So when you see the new brand pop up, just bear in mind that MTB PhD has not disappeared. Rather, we are expanding!

And watch out for a new brand holding the brake power meter!