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My name is Matt Miller and I love mountain biking!

I grew up in the family bike shop, and started building, repairing and selling bikes when I was 10 years old in Nazareth, PA, USA. I started MTB racing in 2001, which led to a long pursuit at being a pro racer. During this time, I raced for and co-managed the Giant Mid-Atlantic Off-Road team, focusing on XCO and Enduro. After a few years struggling for my big break, I decided to go to university to study Exercise Science so I could learn how to train more effectively.

Eventually, I found I was better at learning and applying information than racing. I completed a Master’s in Exercise Science and was president of the Graduate Exercise Science Club. The faculty even offered me a position as manager of the Human Performance Laboratory!

Around this time, I started coaching a number of athletes in XC and the new sport of Enduro MTB. One of my first athletes was then teammate, Seamus Powell, and we went on to win 5 USA National Championships together while he raced on factory teams in the EWS.


My interest in the physiology of MTB grew into an obsession. I moved to New Zealand in 2014 to pursue my PhD focused on researching MTB descending performance.

I worked as a Lecturer of Applied Sports Science at Massey University from 2014-2019, where I taught topics such as Sports Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Muscle Mechanics. This role allowed me to focus on all kinds of MTB experiments and research, and to explore this new idea of measuring braking on MTBs.

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In 2019, I left the university and focused on developing BrakeAce alongside coaching rad athletes. BrakeAce measures your braking and does the analysis for you. It shows you where and what you can improve, which has never been done before!

Another project I am passionate about is educating athletes and coaches alongside Dr Will O'Connor on the Performance Advantage Podcast. We have a free podcast and a number of endorsed sports science courses to help you apply complex science in an easy way.

I still live in New Zealand and love nothing more than rooty, rocky trails! 

You can learn more about me on the TrainingPeaks Coach Cast or on the BikeJames Podcast.

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