• PhD, Sport & Exercise Science, Massey University, 2017

    • KiwiNet Emerging Innovator Award, Dean’s Graduation Award

  • MSc, Exercise Physiology, East Stroudsburg University, 2013 

    • President of Graduate Exercise Science Club, GA Human Performance Laboratory

  • BSc, Exercise Science, East Stroudsburg University, 2012 



Be sure to check out my ResearchGate profile for access to the full versions of most of these manuscripts.

O’Connor, W., O’Connor, E., Barnes, M., Miller, M., Gardener, H., & Stannard, S. (2022). Chronic carbohydrate restriction improves endurance capacity and body composition in men and women. Journal of Science and Cycling, 11(1), 70-83.


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Research Presentations

2019 Australasian Skill Acquisition Network | ORAL PRESENTATION

2017 Australian Strength & Conditioning Association | POSTER

2016 European College of Sports Science | ORAL PRESENTATION

2014 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting | POSTER (x2)

2013 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting | POSTER




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