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MTB PhD's FTP and Power Zone Calculator

Training with a power meter is the best way to improve your fitness on the MTB.

I have been training athletes with power meters on MTBs for over a decade, and teach coaches and athletes how to get the most out of their power meters. Listen below if you're on the fence about training with a power meter on the trails.

Scroll down to calculate your MTB FTP and set your training zones

[Read why FTP is important for MTB]

MTB PhD's FTP and Power Zone Calculator:

  1. GET A POWER METER. First off, get a power meter. In the podcast episode we discuss the best brands to get, and parts 2 and 3 are all about testing. This is your first resource for getting started

  2. ENTER BEST POWER. Choose a test to enter into the FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Calculator. You only need to enter one, but pick that one and be consistent as you reassess your FTP. 10 minute power is not standard, but we use it often. This is also explained in the podcast and in the Fundamentals of Mountain Biking with a Power Meter Course.

  3. ENTER FTP. Copy your FTP into the MTB PhD Power Zone Calculator. I use Coggan's Classic Power Training Levels for my athletes and in this calculator.

  4. SCREENSHOT YOUR ZONES. Save these zones for later. Re-test regularly.




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