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MTB Coaching

Scienced-based training for the discerning rider

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with many amazing athletes in endurance and gravity disciplines around the world.

For MTB PhD athletes, coaching entails a blend of education and training– we teach you along the way so you understand how you perform as a rider and why we take different approaches.

Why MTB PhD?

  • 15+ years of personal race experience, including elite level

  • Evidence-based approach to training and race strategy

  • Ability to communicate relevant scientific theories

  • Expert in energy systems and power file analysis

  • Integrated skill & fitness approach to performance

  • Experience with junior to masters level, from beginner to World Cup

  • Understanding of demands of professional athletes

  • Empathetic approach to athlete well-being and feedback

  • Expert at building the coach-athlete relationship

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Jimmy Smith, Specialized

"For going on three years now Matt and the coaching he provides has been one of the best investments I have made in myself and my MTB Career. Matt uses his extensive scientific knowledge, the best training methods and a wealth of personal experience to help sculpt you into the rider you want to be. Can’t recommend his coaching services enough!"


Caleb Bottcher, National Team

“Matt’s sports science knowledge, coupled with his racing experience is a winning formula that gives me confidence in the training I do and helps me to know that when it counts, I am the best version of myself I can possibly be. Matt is really effective at sharing his wisdom and passion for the sport. I really appreciate this advice and understanding, so that I not only know what to do, but why we do it.”


Jeff Lenosky, Freeride Legend

“I’ve seen a massive improvement in my fitness since working with Matt.  I chose him as a coach because he understands the science behind the workouts as well as their practical applications in the trail.  He has an easy style and helps me understand what we are trying to accomplish with my workouts.  I’d definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get faster!”

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