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World’s first MTB braking research is published in scientific journal (plus 50 free copies)


This article took a long time. Science wasn’t ready to read about something new.

In this article we describe what braking looks like during an XC race. This race was short and not overly hilly, but it offers a pretty good indications [for the first time] about how people brake.

Believe it or not, braking is important to how you perform in XC racing!

One of the coolest parts was that riders weren’t able to pedal as hard in lap 3 as they were in lap 1, but that they changed the way they braked at the same time; what this meant was that lap times didn’t change! Just think about that for a second!!

At the end of the paper, we describe how we can predict lap time if we measure your power output and also braking power. COOL!

Super glad to finally have this one out there after many years of hard work.

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