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Jimmy Smith signs with MTB PhD

2017 US Enduro Series Champion to be coached by Dr. Matt Miller of MTB PhD

In 2017, Jimmy Smith stormed onto the US Enduro scene, winning the overall IMBA Enduro Series in only his first year racing. His strong background in BMX saw that he was able to adapt really quickly to the technical demands of racing, but has had to work hard to develop his cycling-specific fitness.

Jimmy Smith Podium

Road rides, epic MTB rides, intervals, gym work, cross-training and even snowboarding have all been part of Jimmy’s preparation for the 2018 race season. Training has been worked around his busy schedule, which includes his media and travel obligations.

Jimmy Smith Hikeabike

Despite being on opposite ends of the world, coach Matt and Jimmy have been able to stay in regular contact, and monitor Jimmy’s training online using a heart rate monitor and power meters. The data collected over the last several months of training and testing will become really useful once the race season starts, and the two will work closely to make sure Jimmy is on his best for his biggest races.

“I’m really excited to work with Jimmy this season. Over the last several months, we’ve really been able to improve his power and address his weaknesses. He’s always been one of the most skilled riders, but now that he’s more fit and can race more informed he’ll be able to ride smoother and faster at the races. He’s definitely a rider to watch!” –Matt Miller

Jimmy Smith Bali

“Matt has been able to provide me with a solid program that covers all the bases with a scientific approach that makes all of the progress very tangible. All while taking into consideration my rather hectic schedule, injuries and season goals. The personalization of the program and the accountability of a supportive coach like Matt has me very feeling very confident about my fitness coming into the 2018 season. Super stoked to be working with Matt and all of the progress to come!” –Jimmy Smith

Keep up with Jimmy’s progress on instagram: @its_jimmy

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