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NEW 12 Week MTB Full Fitness Training Plan

I’ve been wanting to build this training plan for a LONG time.

I work with athletes directly and do custom 12 week plans all the time, but often times these are for riders who know what they want and are willing to take the time to work out their needs with me.

That’s actually a small amount of the people who want to get better at MTB.

There are actually more of you out there who want to get better at mountain biking and get more fit all-around, but at the same time don’t want to work directly with a coach.

I get it! You want something to follow along with, something that has some insider info and proper structure, but you don’t need to check in with me or have a chat about how the last few weeks have gone.

If that sounds familiar, then THIS ONE is for you!

I won’t be there watching you every day, but you’ll get some of the same workouts as the pros in a manageable structure!


It’s difficult to build a plan for ANY mountain biker becuase all have different abilities and ability to train.

That is why this 12 Week Full Fitness Plan has prioritized days.

With this, you can choose which training sessions fit with your ability. You can also use these prioritized days to get back on track if you miss some training.

This is a full fitness plan for mountain bikers to be done at any point in the season.

There is a Heart Rate Training version and a Smart Trainer/Power Meter version

Average training volume for the 12 week plan. The “Bike” workouts can be done on trails and vice-versa. There’s even suggested days where you can add an extra ride!

Included in this training plan is:

Strength training– upper body, lower body and full body workouts are included in a gradual build up. You don’t need to go to a gym or need any fancy equipment. There are *.pdf files to show you the movements

Bike workouts– there are easy ones and some hard ones; these address what mountain bikers need to work on. All bike workouts can be uploaded to a smart trainer. I use these same exact workouts with the pros

Rest– recovery is important; we build you up and recover properly

Stretching– we work on your flexibility regularly each week in 20 minute sessions. There is a *.pdf file to show you the stretches and video support.

Volume– all volume is appropriate and is built gradually. You can go longer as needed and shorten it up if necessary. There are planned additional rides for advanced athletes.

Warm ups– we warm up properly for every strength session

Fun– there are fun MTB rides planned within this training

Skills– we work on things like pacing, cornering and braking to help you ride faster with your new fitness. This is a super important but often overlooked aspect of “training” plans.

Testing– we regularly reassess your fitness every 4 weeks to see how far you’ve come

The volume and intensity gradually increase throughout this training plan. After 12 weeks you will be prepared for a great season!

This training plan works great when done ahead of an important race when using the available two-week taper.

Enduro and XC: different or???


Whether you are just looking to become more fit and enjoy riding more, or looking to race DH, Enduro or XC, you need to start by working on the same thing–becoming more fit!