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Smart MTB Training Workout Videos

Prescribing strength or flexibility work to mountain bikers is TOUGH.

How do I do actually do it? What does this photo mean? Is it this or that?

I’ve tried photos, just words, a combination, explanations, etc., but nothing has been perfect. Riders need to do these movements safely and effectively–all in one place.

These new workouts videos were made specifically for the Smart MTB Training home routines. These are part of the 12 Week Full Fitness Plan, and combined with optional smart trainer workout downloads and Smart MTB Training app, the program could be its own website!

But of course, Smart MTB Training members get EVERY training plan on the site for only $99/year. And combined with these new videos and the PDF workout downloads, you can be entirely self-sufficient.

AND EVEN THEN, Smart MTB Training members can choose to upgrade their plan in the app and get a professional coach to look over their plan or give deeper advice.

Here are the videos that go along with the PDF downloads:

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