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Learn Sports Science with our new Masterclass!

Dr Will O’Connor and I finally launched our Performance Advantage Podcast Masterclass! The Masterclass is called,


There’s a lot of bogus info out there. And actually, just a lot of info in general! A lot of times, we piece together the correct information in bits and parts, but then bring them together from different sources in the wrong way. We really want to change that.

The PA Podcast Masterclass is all about giving you the Sports Science you need to train more effectively. We wanted to really cut through the noise and give you the REAL and APPLIED information you can use every day.

This masterclass is for:

  1. Coaches

  2. Athletes

  3. Sports science students

  4. TraingPeaks aficionados

  5. Enlightened athletes

  6. The consummate student

  7. The astute MTB rider

  8. Any MTB rider

  9. YOU

You can learn more at

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