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This past weekend Seamus Powell and Cassie Smith became USA National Champions (again)!

As a coach, I know my athletes are happy, which makes me happy! I am also so proud of them!

Cassie was the fastest woman in her category (Cat 1. Women 45-49), but also THE FASTEST CAT 1 FEMALE OVER ALL! This is her third title 🙂

Seamus is a professional rider on the KHS Factory Team and won the Elite Enduro national championship! This is his first Enduro national title and fourth national title (2x Elite Super D, 1x Singlespeed XC).

These two worked super hard to earn these titles and they are well deserved!

Seamus Powell National Enduro

Thanks so much to Cassie for sending me the picture of the two of them–hopefully next year I can be at the race!

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