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The EuroBike hangover…

Travelling from NZ to Europe is not easy. I highly don’t recommend the trip on a regular basis.

Getting to EuroBike looked like this: Palmerston North, NZ->Auckland, NZ->Shanghai, China->Frankfurt, Germany->Friedrichshafen, Germany->cab to the hotel in Bregenz Austria.

~48 hours all up. Got to the hotel at 1am and was up early to head to my first meeting the same morning.

If we met and I looked like a zombie, I’m sorry!

Overall the show was fantastic! It’s been awesome to see what’s going on behind the scenes in so many bicycle companies.

You might think that every company is in to e-bikes. You’re not terribly wrong! But maybe I’d phrase it like this: every company is more interested in technology and innovation this year than they were last year.

We are in for a treat!

Back in NZ now to continue publishing and enjoy the spring-time shredding 🙂

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