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New brake power meter prototype spotted on the trails

I see it!

MTB telemetry was once a hush hush throughout the pits.

There were secret sensors scattered about, heaps of data, and not many people who what the data said–let alone knew what the data meant!

Now, telemetry is the new norm, and if you’re not collecting data on the race tracks, you’re not going as fast as you can. MTB is FormulaOne–not because it has to be, but because it can be.

My MTB telemetry setup complete with custom brake power meters

We’ve long been working on the world’s first brake power meter, but development of fancy technology takes time and even more money. So it’s lucky I’ve been able to dedicate so much time!

So far there are only a handful of elite athletes who have ridden these sensors, and even fewer brake companies with access to these to test the performance of their brakes outside.

But this is changing–and fast!

Coaching athletes is one of my absolute passions. There is nothing I have found more rewarding than helping an athlete lay out a plan, then watch them execute it and ultimately end in a great result.

But braking is my other passion. Since I left the university, coaching on a half-time basis has helped me to be able to dedicate my time to brake sensors without being in an office from 9-5. It is an absolute WIN-WIN 🙂

A much easier to use and super duper accurate brake power meter. Still wired in this prototype version! The wireless one is floating around 🙂

I limit the number of athletes I work with directly each year to ensure that they are getting the best attention that I can possibly give, and also to allow myself the ability to continue to break new ground in the braking world.

It’s super exciting to see how this new sensor can help transform the way riders approach riding and how companies approach making products. It’s data-driven, and now you can try it, too.

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