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MTB Internship Opportunity

At MTB PHD LIMITED, we are all about education. We want everyone to be smarter, better & faster. Our products include physical training plans, sensors, software, patents & trademarks, cutting edge research and engaging content. Our small, diverse, remote, and highly skilled team allow us to continuously push the limits.

Applications are currently remaining open for highly skilled team members interested in internship opportunities in sports, engineering, marketing and especially in cycling/MTB.

Our previous interns have come from all over the world from various backgrounds, and have gone on to do awesome things in some of the greatest companies on the planet.

What you’ll get as an intern with MTB PHD:

  1. The ability to focus on your area of interest and develop your passion, from software engineering to marketing to working with top athletes. You’ll spend less time doing the stuff you don’t like (but let’s face it–life is like this sometimes and it will definitely happen).

  2. Opportunity to work alongside leaders in their field. Your supervisor will hold a PhD in a relevant discipline.

  3. Ability to work remotely with an international team. This isn’t just because of COVID–we’ve always been remote.

  4. Opportunity to present your ideas in a supportive environment. We don’t really have egos and are used to working with students who we want to grow and succeed. Tell us what you think–we want to hear it!

If this sounds like something you are interested in, fill in the contact form here. Tell us why you think we’d be great to work with and what you’d bring to the team. Include 5 bullet points from your CV inside the message.

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