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Free pdf MTB Training Plan

Last year I created the world's first MTB training plan that could be used by any rider. This was made possible by the innovative approach to scheduling training days. Each planned day in the training calendar was prioritized with P1-P5, indicating which workouts were the most important.

The added benefit of this structure was for those with busy and unpredictable schedule [e.g. most of us!]--if you missed a training day, you could just pick up training at the next prioritized day.

The workouts in this plan have been tested on riders at all levels--from beginner to elite. All you have to do is set your own zones (we show you how) and adjust the intensity according to your ability.

Importantly, this plan wasn't designed for just on-the-bike thrashing intervals. I mean, they are there, too, but in the MTB PhD Full Fitness Plan, you also get skills and strength workouts, too! The home circuit and stretching routines are fully supported with video, so you know what to do and how to do it.

Now, it's possible for you to try this plan for FREE

To get this plan for free on pdf, you don't need to supply your credit card, and it's not a free trial--it's seriously its own full training document and is totally free!


Download PDF • 13.65MB

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Obviously this plan is totally free, and it's been downloaded thousands of times. It didn't create itself, so please support me, this site, and the rest of my content so I can continue to offer this plan for other riders.

If you decide to continue on, you can get the rest of the plan on TrainingPeaks. You can choose from the power-based training plan (for those with power meters or smart trainers), the heart rate-based plan (to sync directly to your Garmin), or even the advanced strength workout plan (for those with more experience in the gym).

Any option of the plan has the same structure, meaning you can be flexible and build your MTB fitness up properly!

Whether you ride XC, Enduro or downhill, I'm sure you'll love this plan


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