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Talking MTB on TrainingPeaks and BikeJames Podcasts

A few years ago, Dr Will O'Connor and I started the Performance Advantage Podcast. We wanted to share our sports science knowledge and cover important questions we get asked all the time. We just kind of dove in head first with those first few episodes, and fortunately we've honed our storytelling skills, improved the audio, and got a producer since then :)

The podcast steadily grew, and eventually we created a sports science course to share the in-depth stuff in a practical manner. It was a massive task to undertake a 6 module sports science course that basically condensed a few semesters of an exercise science degree into a highly applied and relevant 6-module series. The Performance Advantage Podcast Masterclass: Using Sports Science to Train More Effectively was born and went off with a bang!

It was really rewarding to be able to offer this sports science content and to hear how much people enjoyed it and used the information, so we made some more courses, notably, Fundamentals of Mountain Biking with a Power Meter. Currently, all our courses offer credit towards your USAT coaching accreditation (CEUs).

Things then really took off, and even just recently we've been invited to share our knowledge on some of the biggest podcasts! I talked MTB performance and braking with James Wilson from the BikeJames podcast, and recently was invited onto the TrainingPeaks Coach Cast to talk about how to be a better MTB rider with Dirk Friel.

These were some awesome opportunities. I love sharing my knowledge on MTB performance and training since it's my life mission to help MTBers get faster.

We have some exciting news that was announced in the TrainingPeaks Coach Cast, so check that one out and get ready for our best content yet!

If you haven't already, go sign up for my FREE 3-Week MTB training plan, or check out all the TrainingPeaks plans I've built up over the years.

You'll see I recently added an 8-week training plan that includes skills sessions, bike interval workouts and incredible strength training sessions. I have a number of riders on this plan already, and I think you'll really enjoy it!


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